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In our three years of podcasting, we've been reviewed by several blogs and podcasts.  Read below to see what people are saying.

"In addition to having arguably the best name of any film pocast out there, Battleship Pretension hosts Tyler and David really know their movies.  In a far-reaching discussion of Shakespeare film adaptations they easily move from voicing controversial opinions on Laurence Olivier to the Macbeth adaptation Scotland, PA., in which the characters fight over a fast food restaurant.  The tone of the podcast makes it a really fun listen, too."
"Battleship Pretension is the latest podcast I look forward to hearing every week... Battleship Pretension’s name is actually a misnomer. Listening to Tyler and David I don’t hear much pretension. Rather, I hear two guys who are extremely knowledgeable of films but never turn that knowledge into haughtiness. Their style lands right where I want movie discussions to be... The best compliment I can lend to Battleship Pretension is, with just the previous example alone, it changes the way I look at films I already love."

"It's like hanging out with your movie snob friends who aren't actually snobby... There’s nothing pretentious about Battleship Pretension (the good BP), first because their collective weaker spots include foreign film and certain classics, but mostly because when they do skew hifalutin it’s backed by a healthy knowledge of cinema history. Very occasionally, this can transform hangouts from casual to didactic, as in an awesomely broad recent episode about film noir, but the hosts’ rapport is so inviting you dread the end of the ramble."

"Listeners will hear some deep analysis of movies while having fun. Tyler and David along with their guests are naturally gifted comedians with quick wits... Overall, this one is worth a listen."

"This show is f***ing great!  I love this show... For an hour and fifteen minutes, I was glued to my headphones...  The chemistry is there...  They're smart and funny... It's film talk, but it's not lowest-common-denominator film talk."

"Their breadth of knowledge about the history of world cinema lends itself to fascinating coverage of each topic they address. Film enthusiasts will find themselves always engaged in the hosts' conversations, and scrambling for pen and paper to jot down recommendations."

"I’m really enjoying this podcast... A really intelligent and fun program... What sets their show apart from others is that the hosts are a lot of fun. They joke with each other and are obviously having fun doing this."

"I enjoy eavesdropping on their usually intelligent and amusing conversations."

"They are fairly witty... extremely knowledgeable about film history."

"Insightful and really interesting... This is a podcast for movie nerds because it is two film geeks chatting about movies for about an hour. I am hooked and I have started downloading older episodes just so I could see the brilliance of these two. I highly recommend you try them out if you are into film."
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